FK sport seats half bucket seats Set Edition 1 artificial leather black / orange

  • sporty seating position
  • Racing look
  • Color: black / orange
  • without approval
  • Half bucket seat with folding mechanism
  • Console dimension 405mm

269.90 - 226.81 (ex. VAT)

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Sports seats / half-shell seats are an absolute eye-catcher for every sporty car. The half-shell sports seats are made of fine and robust cover fabrics and are hand-sewn to a high quality. The look of the sports seats or half-shell seats is just the side effect. The seats have a very good lateral support and therefore with a sporty driving style or on the racetrack you stay where you should be, namely on the seat and not with your face on the side window! Seriously, many vehicles are tuned with complex chassis and engine tuning measures and many forget that the driver should always stay in the seat. Therefore, the seat side guide is also one of the most important elements in terms of tuning. This high-quality sports seat set has excellent lateral guidance and is characterized by its excellent workmanship, its resilient cover material and its excellent hand-sewn seams. The seats are an absolute eye-catcher and have a very good price-performance ratio. The sports seat sets are delivered with running rails. That means you still have to order vehicle-specific seat consoles. Please note the console dimensions, there are different versions. Another possibility is that you convert the series console and make it suitable for the sports seat. It is also possible to order a universal console, which must then be adapted to your vehicle.

LOW INSTALLATION COSTS: The sports seat sets are delivered with a running rail (forwards and backwards adjustment ). This is delivered free of charge unless otherwise stated. However, you still have to organize a suitable vehicle seat console for this sports seat with the corresponding console dimensions, see the brief description. With a suitable seat console, the sports seats can be assembled and installed in the vehicle in approx. 2 hours.

Installation instructions: Installation instructions are currently in preparation. First you need to mount the vehicle-specific seat console. The sports seat with the running rail is then mounted on it!

The quality of the sports seats: The seat quality is very high. The upholstery fabric on the seat, as well as on the side seat paneling and the back is very high. The material is a so-called "A-seat cover material". This means that the seat cover material is very friction-resistant and hard-wearing. In addition, the sports seat sets are manufactured in OEM quality and are produced by well-known manufacturers for the accessories business.

The price: The sports seat sets have a very good price-performance ratio and are highly recommended. The price is significantly cheaper as a set before you buy them individually. Especially since the rails are supplied free of charge with the seats.

The technology and structure of the sports seats: The sports seats consist of a welded steel frame which is then clad with foam and then equipped with the cover material.

The folding mechanism of the sports seat : Each seat is adjustable in incline. This means that the seat surface can be tilted from the rear surface. As a rule, the seat is also foldable and can therefore also be installed in 3-door vehicles. A foldable seat console can also be installed.

The difference between a full bucket seat and a half bucket seat: A full bucket seat has maximum cornering stability for the driver. However, the seat is not adjustable from the angle of inclination. The seat can only be folded if you use a corresponding folding console. A full bucket seat is mostly used for racing and slalom vehicles. A half-shell seat does not have as good lateral guidance as a full-shell seat, but it is much more comfortable! A half-shell seat is between a standard seat and a full-shell seat in the middle in terms of seating comfort and lateral support.

Further execution details:

  • The sports seat sets are delivered complete with running rails

  • excellent lateral guidance through lattice frame technology

  • Sports seat, backrest infinitely adjustable in incline

  • Weight-optimized with a weight of around 15kg per seat

  • Durable and high quality cover fabrics

  • Can be entered via a special vehicle inspection (with registration office such as TรœV / GTรœ / DEKRA) before installation

  • The seat is equipped with a folding mechanism to fold the seat back forwards

  • including running rail (savings of another approx. โ‚ฌ 30)

  • great sporty design

  • hand-sewn visible seam for a beautiful look

  • great workmanship from high quality seat materials

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 sports seat set, half-shell seat consisting of a right and left sports seat and a running rail The seat console can also be used by other brands and is not included in the scope of delivery.

Weight 27.9 kg





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