FK sport seats Auto half-shell seats Set Control in motorsport look

  • Color: Black
  • Half bucket seats
  • Set of 1 left + 1 right seat
  • including running rails
  • Manually adjustable backrest
  • Console dimension 350mm
  • without parts certificate / StVZO approval
  • Cover: fabric
  • Back shell made of GRP
  • also in blue / black and much more

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Item Description:

Secure your pole position with an FK sports seat in an uncompromising motorsport look! Extreme sportiness
In the vehicle combined with absolute ease of use – this is what the sport seats from FK stand for. The sporty lightweights were developed for all motorsport fans who value the full functionality of a sport seat, combined with outstanding safety. The first-class processed racing seats protect sensitive parts of the body such as the shoulder, pelvis, cervical and lumbar spine in demanding driving situations through excellent seat surface and backrest side guidance and ensure optimal vehicle control in every situation. A masterful fusion of perfect ergonomics, a mercilessly comfortable sitting feeling and sporty design. A sports seat from FK guarantees the feeling of sitting in a luxury class racing car, its low weight ensures more performance and is an absolute eye-catcher in every sporty car.


– perfect seat and backrest lateral guidance for optimal vehicle control in extreme driving situations
– Absolute eye-catcher for every sportily tuned car thanks to uncompromising motorsport look
– Protection of sensitive parts of the body such as the shoulder, pelvis, cervical and lumbar spine
– extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting cover fabrics with absolutely high-quality, hand-sewn visible seams
– available in many different, elegant models and a wide variety of attractive color combinations,
for example: black, red, gray, black / white, red / black, blue / white, black / silver, yellow / black or black / beige
– Including forwards and backwards adjustable running rails (unless otherwise stated)
– suitable for standard 3-point belt systems but also for 4-point belts (harness belts)
– Sports seat sets partially with integrated edge reinforcements for the stressed areas when getting in and out
– Many seats are equipped with adjustable, foldable backrests and can therefore also be installed in 3-door vehicles. (Alternative: There is also the option of installing a foldable seat console)
– Shoulder support to relieve the postural muscles in rapid curves
– Lordosis support (individual support for the lumbar spine)
– Some seats have fully upholstered headrests for reliable head protection
– Tight padding gives an excellent feel for the road
– Partial seat back inclination adjustment for an optimal field of vision
– Set consists of 1 seat for the driver's side + 1 seat for the passenger side
– Also suitable for people with a physical handicap due to the perfect lateral support,
For example, in the case of muscle diseases, as those affected cannot slide down
– very good price-performance ratio
– welded steel frame
– high quality workmanship
– New and original packaging
– Immediately available

Scope of delivery:

1 x FK sports seat car seat driver's side
1 x FK sports seat passenger side
1 x running rail on driver's side
1 x running rail on the passenger side


The display of colors varies depending on the computer hardware used and the calibration of your monitor. Color deviations between the product image and the real article are due to physical reasons and cannot be avoided.

FK seats must be installed by an authorized specialist workshop. We would like to point out that we accept no liability for installation problems or increased time required for seat assembly.

The buyer must ensure that all changes and conversions to his vehicle, if it is used on public roads, are entered in his vehicle documents (vehicle registration document and vehicle registration) in accordance with the statutory provisions. FK sports seats are sold without parts certificate / StZVO approval. They can possibly be entered via an approval according to ยง21 StVZO. The responsibility for the TรœV registration of converted vehicles or their parts lies with the buyer. We recommend that you consult the registration office (TรœV / GTรœ / DEKRA) before installation.

The FK sport seat sets are delivered with rails. This means that vehicle-specific seat consoles must also be ordered. Please note the console dimensions as there are different versions. It is also possible to convert the standard console of your vehicle to match the sports seat or to order a universal console and adapt it to your vehicle.

We carry seat consoles for many different vehicles, e.g. for VW Golf 4, VW Golf 5, Opel Astra, Opel Corsa, Citroen Xsara, Audi A3, Mercedes E-Class, Audi 80, VW Touran, Mercedes A-Class, Skoda Oktavia, Ford Escort, Ford Fiesta, VW Lupo, Opel Vectra and many more. (You can obtain more information on the individual vehicles from your specialist dealer).

Installation instructions: First the vehicle-specific seat console must be installed. The sports seat with the running rail is then mounted on this. With a suitable seat console, the sports seats can be assembled and installed in the vehicle in approx. 2 hours. The seat console is not included in the scope of delivery and can also be used by other brands if required.

Useful information:

Most car seats are unfortunately anything but back-friendly. Long periods of sitting in the car therefore often lead to neck pain, tension or headaches. The right seat can help. When buying, make sure that your seat can be adjusted in height, depth and inclination of the seat surface and backrest and that the body is supported by suitable side guides even when cornering. When driving, you should feel comfortable and
to sit well supported.

The seat back should be adjusted so that the angle of inclination between the backrest and the seat is around 100 degrees. This enables a healthy posture of the back and head. The buttocks should lie as close as possible to the backrest so that the spine is supported in its lordosis shape. An additional lumbar pillow or simply a towel roll that is stored between the back and backrest would be ideal here. We recommend adjusting the distance between the seat and the pedals so that your knees are still slightly bent when the pedals are depressed. The backrest of the seat should support your shoulder and shoulder contact should be maintained even when cornering during steering movements. It is advisable to use the steering wheel with your arms slightly bent. The headrest is adjusted to the correct height when the top edges of the headrest and head are the same height.

If you are even more interested in racing and performance tuning, you will find a lot of other articles from this area in our online shop , such as seat consoles , game seats , running rails , belt pads , racing belts and seat covers .

Just have a look and see for yourself!

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